Wholesale glass dinnerware is widely used

Cleanliness, generally does not contain toxic substances. Wholesale glass

Wholesale glass and supplies

Fragile sometimes "mouldy." This is because of wholesale glass dinnerware

The long-term erosion by water will generate substances that are harmful to human health and must be washed away with alkaline detergents.

Enamel cutlery Enamel products have good mechanical strength, strong, not broken, and have good heat resistance, can withstand a wide range of temperature changes. The texture is bright and clean, and it is not easily contaminated with dust. It is clean and durable. The disadvantage of enamel products is that they are cracked and broken when they are hit by external forces. The outer layer of the enamel product is actually a layer of enamel. It contains aluminum silicates and if damaged, it will be transferred to food. Therefore, when purchasing enamelware, it is required to have a smooth surface, a uniform enamel, a bright color, and a clear appearance of base powder and embryos.

Wooden cutlery The biggest advantage of bamboo cutlery is that it is easy to draw and does not have the toxic effects of chemicals. However, their weakness is that they are more likely Wholesale glass company to be contaminated and moldy than other tableware. If you do not pay attention to disinfection, it can cause intestinal infectious diseases.

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