Alibaba group vice chairman Mr. Tsai and wholesale jerseys nike larry Scott, the chairman of the Pac - 12 jointly announced in hangzhou, two years sole strategic cooperation, both sides involved in live wholesale jerseys online events, ticketing and related derivatives.

Pac - 12 is one of the United States NCAA college basketball league, wholesale jerseys free shipping a total wholesale jerseys cheap of 12 teams in the league, mainly concentrated in the west coast of the United States. Secretary general of the China wholesale jerseys reviews big TiXie leago revealed that a few years ago, Chinese college students sports association and the alliance formed a strategic partnership. In June of this year, in the first six sino-us cultural exchanges of high-level consultation mechanism results in the listing, there are 6 items of sport achievements, three are cooperation projects with Pac - 12 league, among them, the most important is to be held in Shanghai in November NCAA season and Pac - 12 "series of activities, such as China.

Will be held in Shanghai on November 14, the Pac - 12 league season in China competition is undoubtedly a very special event. First game against the two wholesale jerseys from china sides are respectively husky team at the university of Washington and the university of Texas longhorn team, both for traditional basketball teams, participated in the highest level of NCAA level league (NCAA D - I), have won the league championship and the NCAA championship wholesale jerseys vip final four wars.

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