"Can't find the status of Chelsea in the league, finally ushered a stranger four goals at home. Is more important than the victory itself, however, it was Chelsea's since June of this year's friendly with Sydney FC, zero for the first time the opponent's game. Don't know in the bench ivanovic a deportee? After all, he starts the game, this is known as the iron defensive team, only five rounds of the premier league has lost 12 ball!

In a game against everton, galloway box on the left side of the ball, it is under the closing down of Ivan no pressure, relaxed foot cross assists cheap wolfsburg from china naismith header, only 5 minutes later, Charles barkley cross, naismith the area on the left of the position, left foot, a low ball roll across the net - from Ivan and Mr Zuma is Ivan, after the game, Whoscored.com also gave his low score of 6.13 for the whole line second is low, and his whole game is only a intercept a clearance data, no the best right-back in the premier league last season. In fact this is not the first time that Ivan as background, 2-2 ping cheap wolfsburg jerseys free shipping Swansea, the other side of the left winger montero on Ivan brush six people; Finished 3-0 defeat at Manchester city, Ivan was overwhelming dallied, sterling even kompany header, is also a lack of Ivan's marking.

Jose mourinho, in fact, turn a blind eye to Ivan's performance is not bad, only in order to adapt to Ivan are placed in the left back position of the ripper quetta, the serving as a right-back, over the past month even inaccessible left-back baba squad, but this as cheap wolfsburg for sale a start. And aspen ripper quetta didn't live up to what jose mourinho's trust, both ends have played a good play, the ball several times in the breakthrough points, three times on the defensive intercept a clearance, Whoscored rating of 7.4, for the whole line second. The Chelsea left-back baba and pay big money to introduce is got the whole line maximum 7.71 points! View, jose mourinho has put Ivan in the bench of the capital.

, the daily mail, jose mourinho has prepared to the players to move a knife, he has officially told Chelsea scouts, go to the transfer market in search of ivanovic avatars, the state once the Serbian player is very stable, this season have become dysfunctional, a drag on the whole line of defense. He gradually lost the confidence of the coach. And stone, and zhang linpeng wholesale wolfsburg jerseys free shipping continuously spread gossip, also proves that the club for the right-back position of hunger.

Chelsea has always been a year to more than 30 players signed a strategy, and Ivan and terry's contract expires in June next year, their poor performance, however, cannot convince mourinho gave them the contract. Based on a bosman law, January this year, they can not communicate with the club's case with the other team to address the issue of himself on a free transfer.

As Ivan repeatedly error, mourinho's patience less and less, he now has a little patient observation Ivan and terry both in the past the most trust love how to walk out of the mire. And the last year of the premier league's best right-back, don't hurry back, perhaps is about to start thinking about the next homes of.