Hours of Operation

Center Hours

  • Monday 11am - 11pm or later

  • Tuesday 11am - 11pm or later

  • Wednesday 11am - 11pm or later

  • Thursday 11am - 11pm or later

  • Friday 11am - 12am or later

  • Saturday 09am - 12am or later

  • Sunday 12pm -  9pm or later

Things To Know Before You Go

Age/ID Policy:

  • * In order to consume alcoholic beverages during your visit, you must establish that you are at least 21 years of age.
  • * You must have a valid identification card issued by a state government agency containing your photograph, date of    birth, height, sex and color eyes. Fiesta is unable to accept forms of identification that are expired, cracked, altered,    or damaged in any way.

Please note: All forms of identification must NOT be expired Fiesta Lanes does not accept paper or international driver’s licenses as a form of ID. Fiesta Lanes staff may ask for backup identification at any time and for any reason.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • * A valid in-state driver’s license
  • * Passport
  • * Out-of-state license w/back-up
  • * Valid in-state ID with a valid expiration date listed
  • * United States Active Military ID

House Need To Knows

  • * Calling Ahead is highly recommended to check on lane availability and request special equipment if needed
  • * Fiesta lanes IS HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE, with portable ramps for easy access into the Pits and onto the
       Approach as well as Ball Ramps for aim assistance
  • * We are SERVICE DOG friendly
  • * Cash or Credit ONLY we do NOT accept Personal Checks
  • * We DO accept all Major Credit Cards and have a conveniently located ATM on property 
  • * Any person who damages Fiesta Lanes Property or equipment shall be held liable for its repair or replacement
  • * Loitering in the adjacent parking areas is prohibited
  • * Outside Food or Drink will NOT be permitted without Management approval prior to entering the building

Please Note

Any activity if not played correctly, could result in the possibility of bodily injury. At NO TIME are the players permitted past the black bowling foul line or to walk on the lanes, gutters or walkways to retrieve balls, pins or take pictures. Correct footwear must be worn at all times and shoes kept clean and dry. Please do NOT place your hands in the ball return system. If you need assistance or to report any mechanical problems, spills, or other concerns please contact guest services or front desk personnel immediately. Fiesta Lanes assumes no responsibility for damage or injury caused by player negligence.


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